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Statement of Principles

Principle n. 1. A moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions. 2. A basic truth or theory: an idea that forms the basis of something. 3. A law or fact of nature that explains how something works or why something happens. (Source) Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2015)


We enhance the lives we touch through the delivery of the highest quality benefits, investment counsel, and student programs that enable our clients to achieve financial security of their families and businesses, protecting their dreams in ever-changing environments.


The following principles recognize our dedication to serving our clients and providing opportunities for our team members.


  • The products and services that we provide to our clients offer significance that extends well beyond the financial value of the solution itself. Thus we must strive to promote our products and services fairly and at a reasonable cost.


  • Every customer deserves the finest service from every member of The Lewer Companies team. Our clients and their satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success. We must understand their needs and provide them with products and services of recognized value and relevance.


  • The virtues of ethical behavior, integrity, quality, and professionalism should be practiced in every transaction. Since principles are a set of values and not a set of rules, achieving honesty, fair dealing and “doing the right thing” in our work must be a personal goal and part of our growth as members of The Lewer Companies team.


  • The Company has little existence or reputation beyond its team members and leadership. Our actions reflect on the reputation of the entire organization, thus we must contribute all we are able to give to our team’s energy and strength in our pursuit of excellence and growth.



We will set the standard as a trusted advisor through continued observance of the economic environments, our industry, and our responsiveness to our client’s unique needs. We will be the recognized leader in every market we serve.


  • We will be consistent (and passionate) in our unequaled effort to understand the goals and dreams of our clients, delivering only those insurance and financial solutions that are most suitable to their needs. And we will do so with transparency and integrity.


  • We will be vigilant guardians of our brand, making the Lewer name synonymous with excellence in every language. Utilizing education, technology, respect, and best practices, we will continue our company legacy of being the first to create, the first to recognize, and the first to capitalize on new opportunities.


  • As stewards of a family business, we will continue to build an organization founded on principles. It is our responsibility to build a bridge for the next generation as a bridge was built for us by those before us. It is only in this way that our organization will continue to improve peoples’ lives, outside the walls of our companies, as well as within.


  • We are committed to attracting, developing and sustaining quality people and we are dedicated to providing an environment which rewards superior performance, coupled with integrity, sound business morals, and professionalism.


  • Our principles stem from our faith, ethics, service, respect, and common sense in the conduct of our business. We believe in the freedom to achieve and that people, like companies, distinguish themselves by the quality of their performance. As a company, we must outperform our competition and provide greater value to our clients. As individuals, we must perform to our full potential.