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Lewer Celebrates 60 Years


The Lewer Companies have marked a significant milestone – the 60th anniversary of the start of the first Lewer Company, The Lewer Agency, Inc., by founder, D. C. “Chuck” Lewer.

A cake cutting ceremony was held on Lewer Block on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, Friday, October 7. Special guests Chuck and Mary Lewer were present for the celebration which included speeches, cake, and champagne toasts. It was the first time for many newer staff members to meet Mr. Lewer, and Mary, his wife of 69 years.

“I’m especially happy that my mother and father could join us this afternoon – to be here for this important occasion,” commented President Mike Lewer.

A highlight at the celebration was the presentation of the Lewer Companies’ new Mission and Vision Statement, which was read by a team of management staff, including two of the Lewers’ grandsons, Nik Lewer and Matt Lewer.

In addition to the cake cutting and celebration, the Lewer Companies installed a second conference room during the anniversary month. The original conference room was named “The Chuck Lewer Room.” The new conference room was named “The Summit”, in honor of Mike Lewer and his passion for “climbing mountains,” in and out of the office. (In October, Mike celebrated his 39th year with the companies.)

Chuck Lewer, at the age of 88, currently serves the Lewer Companies as Chairman of the Board, while continuing to build a “bridge” for what is now a third-generation operation doing business in the United States and Canada. (437)

Lewer Opens Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser to the Public

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) fundraising team held a lemonade stand fundraiser at Lewer headquarters on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, August 12, 2016. Though the weather was damp, spirits were high, and the team was able to raise $226.59 in just three hours.

“I want to give a shout out to the following associates who helped out by setting-up, tearing down, and serving,” commented Human Resources Manager and project lead Sue Steiner. “I also want to thank Lewer for providing the supplies – lemonade, cups, water and ice, and all Lewer associates who made a visit and contributed to the fundraiser.”
Prior to the event, team members invited neighbors and family to come buy a glass of lemonade at Lewer to support a good cause. According to veterans on staff, the LLS lemonade stand was Lewer’s first community outreach event to be held on Lewer block. All were hopeful that Lewer neighbors and area businesses would support the cause. Steiner said she had just opened the lemonade stand when a neighbor from Parkway Towers’ condominiums across the street “swooped” into the parking lot.

“He arrived in a burgundy SUV immediately after we opened the stand at 11 o’clock that morning,” said Steiner. “He jumped out and excitedly approached the stand. He handed me $15 and said he had been waiting for us to open the lemonade stand because he didn’t want to miss it. He didn’t have time for lemonade, just jumped back in his car and off he went, with his smile.”

The visit from the mysterious Parkway Towers resident was the first of many visits from supporters on the Plaza that day. Over 50 glasses of lemonade were served by members of the Lewer team. According to Lewer Financial Advisors’ volunteer Jeremy Wassmer, the current “Pokémon Go craze” worked to the team’s advantage. “The lemonade stand was well attended by Pokémon Go enthusiasts,’ he said.

Perhaps one of the top highlights was Lewer Financial Advisors account manager Kaitlyn Abel’s six year old son, Gavyn – a member of the “welcoming committee” who stood on the sidewalk waving an American flag.

“It was a great opportunity to talk with Gavyn about charity and helping others,” said his mom. “He put forth his best efforts by dancing, waving a flag, and passing out flyers to attract people to the stand.”

“The LLS team is working hard to achieve its goal of $2,500 by October,” said Steiner. “I want to thank all for their effort in the team’s 2016 Light The Night campaign and support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.”

Lewer Canada Attends Uni-Select Golf Tournament

uni-select-golfThe 14th Annual Uni-Select Charity Golf Tournament was held July 19, 2016 at Lionhead Golf & Country Club in Brampton, Ontario. Lewer Canada’s Director JJ Atkinson, Regional Benefits Advisor Bob Mathur and Account Manager, Group Benefits Beth Loch attended the event to help raise funds for the Canadian Spinal Research Organization.

Erin Fordham, who works with one of Lewer’s partners, was invited to round out the Lewer foursome. “Erin had a great time and said it was great to meet the Lewer ‘family’,” said Atkinson.

“I also had an opportunity to help out a few teams with their drives, setting them up for some nice approach shots, as I was jonesing to hit a ball most of the day,” he joked.

“On a more serious note,” said Atkinson, “we always enjoy attending Uni-Select events and getting the Lewer name out there, while supporting a great cause.”

Lewer Moves Forward with Digital Marketing Firm

In July 2016, Lewer formed a partnership with SalesHub, a digital marketing firm based in Canada. The new digital marketing effort includes Lewer US, Lewer Financial Advisors and Lewer Canada.

LinkedIn is a great example of a social media channel that social sellers utilize to get their brand out there – no postage and less phone tag – and marketing experts are seeing the results. In fact, digital marketing firms such as SalesHub, take care of 60 percent of the sales process, according to Vice President Nik Lewer, who helped evaluate the advantages of working with the Canadian firm with his dad, President Mike Lewer.

“Digital marketing is the cutting edge way to do marketing now,” said Nik Lewer. “Companies are working in a social media business environment. It’s a different model and this development represents a drastic overhaul in how we market ourselves and our products.”

“Though the advent of social media brings more moving parts to marketing, it also brings new opportunities for developing the solid business relationships that open exciting new chapters,” he continued. “We will still use traditional methods of marketing, however, in this digital age, it’s important for companies to utilize the talents of companies like SalesHub, who are trained to handle all of the different channels companies now use to market their products.”

In the coming months, the new relationship with SalesHub will result in the creation of four new websites for Lewer. Through its partnership with HubSpot, SalesHub will also be helping Lewer replace its current Microsoft Dynamics CRM program.

Lewer Attends SCACS Meeting in South Carolina

Vice President, ACA Regulated Business Markets, John Owens, represented Lewer Benefits at the South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores (SCACS) convention held at the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, July 17 – 18, 2016.
“The convention was attended by many of the largest, multi-location marketers in the state,” said Owens. “It was a business session for the association members, mixed with some entertainment. This is a group of multi-generational business owners. There were a lot of families in attendance. They organized a breakfast and business session. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the marketers who came to the events.”

“We are increasing our involvement with the state convenience store marketer associations and are receiving good results,” said Owens. “The associations provide great opportunities for us to match our products with needs in these geographic areas.”

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