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LewerMark Launches Tax Service for International Students

The Lewer Agency has partnered with Sprintax, a Chicago, Illinois-based company that prepares tax returns for students. Many international students in the United States might not realize that they are required to file US tax documents and, most importantly, the deadline is fast approaching: April 15th.

Most international students are considered non-residents for tax purposes. If they have not received any source of income they will need to file Form 8843. If they have received income in the last calendar year then they will need to file Form 8843 and most likely Form 1040NR-EZ.

Jennifer Gallagher, Sprintax Vice President of Sales, has partnered with Lewer on the project. “We are now working on getting the word out to LewerMark students by promoting the tax preparation service on websites, in email blasts, and on social media platforms,” said LewerMark Vice President, Jeff Crawford.

Services cost just $34.95 for a Federal filing, $24.95 for a State filing, and $14.95 for Form 8843 or ITIN.


New LewerMark Orientation Video Launched

The Lewer Agency has launched a new LewerMark student orientation video, produced by Virtual Media Group, a marketing video production company in St. Louis, Missouri. The infographic presentation explains health care in the United States to incoming international students.

LewerMark Marketing Communications Specialist Nikki Thorn and members of the LewerMark team worked with Virtual Media Group, incorporating input from client schools.

“The video turned out really well. A lot of thought was put into understanding health care from an international student’s perspective,” said Thorn. “We took great care to make sure that someone who may have limited understanding of English would find the video helpful. We expect that it will be very useful. We have asked our client schools to share the link to the LewerMark video with students before they arrive on campus.”

Click here to view the new LewerMark student orientation video.

LewerMark Attends AWISA Winter 2015 Meeting

Since 2010, The Lewer Agency has been a member of The Association of Washington International Student Affairs (AWISA), an organization that connects Washington’s international educators. LewerMark Vice President Jeff Crawford and Account Manager Laura Caferro attended the AWISA 2015 Winter Meeting, February 20, at the University of Washington in Bothell, Washington. Its members share the common goal of promoting international education.

Jeff Crawford presenting at the AWISA Winter 2015 Meeting

Jeff Crawford presenting at the AWISA Winter 2015 Meeting

At the meeting, Crawford announced that The Lewer Agency is now offering SIM cards for international students attending schools in Washington through its recent partnership with CampusSIMs, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The service plan enables students to bring their own phones from home and access America’s fastest 4G LTE network for as little as $25 per month.

“We had a majority of our client schools in attendance so it was a wonderful opportunity to check in with so many of our Lewer folks in this venue,” said Caferro. “There were great presentation sessions. We also enjoyed a lunch sponsored by our partner Jennifer Gallagher, Vice President of Sales at Sprintax.”

Gallagher and her company recently partnered with Lewer to offer students tax filing services.

AWISAns” are Washingtonians and members of the global community and include international student and scholar advisors, study abroad advisors, international admissions specialists, student activity coordinators, and English as a Second Language (ESL) advisors, according to the website. AWISA meetings feature sessions on a wide range of topics including international student recruitment, international student and scholar regulations, study abroad programming, ESL instruction, planning on-campus activities, and more.

Senior Vice President of Finance Appointed at Lewer

Scott Mylin

Scott Mylin

The Lewer group of companies is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Mylin to the position of Senior Vice President, Finance effective August 20, 2014. In this newly created role, Mylin will assume financial management and reporting for Lewer Financial Services L.P., Lewer Properties L.P., Lewer Life Insurance Company, The Lewer Agency, Inc., Lewer Canada Ltd., Lewer Financial Advisors LLC, and Lewer Life Insurance Company.

Mylin joined Lewer with 24 years of broad based experience including public accounting and an internal audit background with premier business-to-business providers of products, services, and equipment. Prior to joining Lewer, he worked as a CFO for Ascension Collegiate Solutions in Overland Park, Kansas. He also worked as Assistant Vice President of Internal Reporting and Control for Kansas City Southern, and as Vice President of Finance with DST Output in Kansas City.

Following his receipt of a BS, Accounting degree from Northern Illinois University, he worked as an accountant for a CPA firm in Elgin, Illinois. He also held a number of management positions for the Moore Corporation before joining DST.

Mylin says he looks forward to applying his professional experience to helping the Lewer group of companies continue to grow. “I am still finalizing short-and-long-term goals, but I am looking to enhance what has already been accomplished by applying my experiences with large and small companies to improve processes, systems and internal controls,” he said. (387)

Lewer Welcomes New HR Manager

Susan Steiner

Susan Steiner

Lewer is pleased to announce that Susan Steiner has joined the companies as Human Resources (HR) Manager, effective August 18, 2014. Steiner’s responsibilities include handling the day-to-day HR functions as well as complex organizational issues at Lewer.

Prior to joining Lewer, Steiner worked as an HR consultant and financial officer for Family Concepts in Overland Park, Kansas for almost a decade. Her career path includes stints at Macy’s, Salick Health Care, Inc., and the Seaboard Corporation.

Steiner joined Lewer because she felt it was a good fit. “I had a great feeling the moment I met the team,” she said. “I knew my contributions would be respected and appreciated, and with hard work good things could happen for me, the employees and the company.”

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