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LFA Hosts 401(K) Webinar for BPAMA Members

Lewer Financial Advisors (LFA) continues to build its relationship with the BP Amoco Association (BPAMA) and the association’s members.

A recent convention sparked interest in LFA’s 401(k) offerings and the submission of an article about 401(k) plans written by LFA Vice President Greg Addison for BPAMA’s newsletter in November.

The effort was followed by a webinar, conducted November 15 by Addison and LFA account manager Jeremy Wassmer. The webinar was attended by CFO, HR, and Controller management members from eight BPAMA member companies, as well as Executive Director Jack Allard and Associate Director, Tara Sutter.

The webinar, according to Addison, focused primarily on understanding and executing the plan sponsor fiduciary responsibilities for 401(k) plans and the importance of benchmarking plans on a periodic basis. In addition to excellent information on this topic, LFA provided interested attendees with a 401(k) Plan Sponsor Preparedness/Audit File Checklist.

“We look forward to being a part of the ongoing series of informative webinars BPAMA directors are planning for members in the coming months,” said Addison.

If you are looking for a professional financial advisor to speak to members of your organization at an upcoming event or webinar, please contact Greg Addison at 816-753-4390 or email (1199)

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